Randy Viscio is a special educator who has 20 years of experience working with children, parents, and teachers. He holds a Masters Degree in Special Education and is a certified Teacher and Supervisor of Special Education.


"My passion for working with behaviorally challenged children, their parents and their teachers is based on my personal experience. As a child and teen, I struggled greatly with my behavior and emotions. I needed help. But no one knew what to do. My passion is in helping children and adults know what to do."


Today, Randy coaches adults in a range of approaches they can use to change challenging behaviors and teach social and self-control skills to young children and adolescents. Randy believes that by focusing on a child’s strengths and providing adults with the right tools and strategies, children can become confident, happy, and responsible.

Professional Background


  • Behavior Therapist- The Quaker School at Horsham, Horsham, PA

  • Emotional Support Coordinator, Pathway School - Norristown, PA

  • Supervisor of Special Education, Devereux Foundation - NY

  • Director of Education, Justice Resource Institute - Boston, MA

  • Teacher, Devereux Foundation - Red Hook, NY

  • Teacher, RISE Institute - San Francisco, CA

20 Years Experience


The Head and the Heart

We believe deeply in utilizing evidence-based practices to inform how we transform behavior. But, our belief in the capacity of human beings to work through their heart with empathy and understanding is just as strong. By using both our hearts and our heads, we can transform our own behavior and that of our children. 

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