Family Support
Empowering Educators

Parent Coaching

You are the most important person in your child's development. We all want to be heroes, but it is never that simple. Parenting doesn't come with an instruction manual, but I can give you direction. I can help you with a range of behavior interventions in your home, including:

  • Goal setting with your child

  • Household systems (schedules, routines, chores, reward/consequence, family meetings, etc.), 

  • Using Positive Reinforcement

  • Teaching social skills and self control skills

  • CRISIS Intervention


School-Home Crossover

One of the most successful strategies for creating student success at school and in the home is ensuring a school to home crossover plan. These plans usually involve maintaining the same expectations at school and at home and include consistent language, consequences and rewards.

I will help you:

  • Create a school to home crossover plan 

  • Monitor the plan for consistency 

  • Modify the plan as needed

Special Education Advocate

Navigating the special education system can be a challenge. It often causes great worry and confusion and it can feel like the deck is stacked against you and your child. But it doesn't have to be that way. Services I provide include:

  • Record Review

  • Consultation on the special education process

  • Access the school-based services available to your child

  • Ensure meaningful IEP/504 goals 

  • Ensure parent concerns are addressed

  • Accompany you to meetings

  • Help with follow up letters, emails, etc.

Functional Assessment of Behavior

 I offer a comprehensive  functional assessment of your child's behavior in the home or school setting. This service includes a record review, observations/functional analysis, full report, recommendations and Behavior Plan.

Collaborative Proactive Solutions 

Randy is becoming certified in Ross Greene's Collaborative Proactive Solutions (CPS) model.  This evidence based model takes a radically different approach to behavior. It's foundation is a simple concept: "Kids do well if they can." From this starting point we can engage kids in a collaborative process, identifying lagging skills and coming up with solutions. The focus is no longer on "adult hypothesis", the belief that kids area "manipulating" or "trying to escape" a task. Nor is the emphasis on "behavior." We simply recognize the problems for what they are: a need to learn skills. Nothing more, nothing less. 



Randy can train in the following areas;

  • Understanding students with emotional/social/behavior needs

  • Understand teaching correlates

  • Use of SAM rubrics to deliver behavior specific praise and teach replacement skills

  • Managing Resistant Behavior

Observation and feedback

At times in can be difficult for professionals to respond to feedback they may not perceive as objective. Providing them with objective observation and follow-up discussion can be an effective way to produce results. For professionals I provide:

  • Consultation

  • Observation

  • Feedback

In-Vivo Coaching

Perhaps the most effective way to teach professionals how to set expectations, monitor and respond to behavior, comes through real-time training.


Danieslon 2d. 

It can be difficult to know how to prevent behavior from occurring. We usually respond in reactive manner. By clearly understanding Danielson's  2d. Managing Student Behavior, professionals will have the best opportunity to prevent behaviors from occurring and know how to respond effectively when they do. 

  • Professional Development Modules on Expectations, Monitoring and Responding

Transportation- Bus Driver Training

One of the most dangerous settings to have a behavior is while being transported to or from school. Drivers and aides on vehicles transporting EBD students to other programs are in dire need of training. I can conduct such training as well as provide observation and feedback.  

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